Best in Boxing Kicks off the New Year in Mexico
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Best in Boxing Kicks off the New Year in Mexico

Feb 28 Best in Boxing is back with our first show on Fight Hub TV

We are looking to get off to a great start with an exciting opening fight night with Borizteca Boxing Promotions. Borizteca has been one of our partners since day one. Both companies working together to develop and showcase young prospects looking for an opportunity. The upcoming card has a lot of fighters returning to Best in Boxing. James Earle and Darnell Price had their debut on Oct 11, 2019, on Best in Boxing. Hot prospect Mario Ramirez, who has fought more times than any other fighter, is back for his 13 appearances on the show. We also have an exciting fighter and world title contender Dewayne Beamon who last appeared on the show on February 16, 2018. Elias Diaz last fought on February 24, 2017. Elias is an exciting action fighter so we are glad to have him back on the show. In our main event Knockout artist Kevin Torres is set to continue his winning ways.

Will have update right here all the way up to fight night so check back often for all the latest information.

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Back at Big Punch

We will be back at our favorite venue, Big Punch Arena in Tijuana, Mexico.

"Always a great place to see a fight.”

Where to watch the show

Watch at and subscribe to exclusive content sports content at right here on We broadcast live on Fight Hub TV on YouTube.

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